John Leekley is a writer, director and producer. He received a Primetime Emmy Award for his work as Executive Producer/Writer on the HBO Original Series “Spawn”.

John was Creator/Writer/Executive Producer of the series “Kindred… The Embraced” for Fox Network, which is a cult favorite on the web.   CBS has recently re-released a boxed set of the complete series for “Kindred”, with new drama John wrote and directed, as well as a re-cut feature length version of the pilot.

John started his television career as Co-Producer, Writer, and Creator of the landmark eight-hour CBS mini-series “The Blue and The Gray” (CBS), starring Gregory Peck as Abraham Lincoln, based on the novel of the same name, that he authored. He has also served as Writer/Producer for several highly regarded movies including “In the Company of Darkness” starring Helen Hunt (CBS), “She Fought Alone” (NBC) which was the first movie to confront the issue of date rape, “Buried Secrets” (NBC), the four-hour mini-series “Night Sins” (CBS), and “Mafia Doctor” (CBS).

John was the Creator of the dark supernatural series “Wolf Lake” for CBS… centering on teenagers in a small town in the Northwest who are changelings. “Wolf Lake… The Complete Series” was re-released by CBS.

John wrote and directed the theatrical feature film, “Prince of Central Park”, starring Academy Award Nominees Harvey Keitel, Kathleen Turner, Danny Aiello, and Cathy Moriarty. John has recently completed the futuristic feature film script “City of Night”. The story revolves around the survivors of a world wide plague, who gather together in the Bowery of New York City, forming a new minority in America at the bottom of society, with their own mysterious night culture, the gangsters who rule it, and the cops who try to take it back.

John is also the best selling author of fiction and non-fiction books. He is an historical author, having co-written “Moments: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs” and co-wrote and edited “Reflections on the Civil War”, the last book by famed historian Bruce Catton.  He has just completed the manuscript for his next novel, “Jazz Men”, the story of the Jazz era from 1900 to the 1920’s, set in New Orleans, the river boats, and amidst the mobsters of Chicago.

John wrote the screenplay “The White Rose”… a true story of college students in Nazi Germany who formed the only national resistance movement against Hitler and the Gestapo.

In April of 2019, John released on Amazon an eBook entitled “Our Wild Savory Kitchen”, written with his wife, Rebekah.   They have also released a foodblog of the same name…

Description of the cookbook, Our Wild Savory Kitchen..

Inspired by Diana Henry’s Crazy Water Pickled Lemons and Patience Gray’s Honey From a Weed, John and Rebekah Leekley’s joyful new cookbook, Our Wild Savory Kitchen, is for those passionate home cooks who want to explore iconic feasts from around the world. Learn how to make Paella from Spain, Chicken Tagine from Morocco, Quiche and Duck Confit from France, Cajun Gumbo Ya-Ya and Jambalaya from Louisiana, Seared Ahi from Japan, and Chicken Cacciatore from Italy. Their culinary adventures are brought to life with over 200 photographs, detailed recipes and lists of unique ingredients bursting with umami flavors. Whether they’re foraging for wild mushrooms in the forests, fishing in the sea, gathering fresh herbs and vegetables from farmers’ markets and their garden or discovering hard to find spices, they approach each feast with an insatiable curiosity and deep appreciation for its cultural origins. Try their Tandoori Turkey for your next Thanksgiving or Jamaican Jerk Chicken for your next Sunday family BBQ. Whatever you’re planning these feasts are a celebration of life!


John is represented by the Kaplan Stahler Agency.